Friday, January 20, 2012

Endings to a new Beginning...

I deserved better.  And so did she.  But sometimes, It's better to walk away.  If we were meant to be, then we would have been.  I allowed my walls to be breached.  Trust is an earned virtue.  That's what makes it so hard to swallow.  Cuz my favorite past time has now passed it's time without as much of an unceremonious kiss on the frontal lobe.  Every empire has it's downfall.  I ignored my instincts and began to believe I could be loved.  Not sure where Wonderland is, but I know how Alice felt.  Slowly, I began to climb out of that "hold" know, the one that "held" my heart..."held" my attention.

Does the amount really matter?  Time spent apart doesn't always cure the unknown entity reflected as lust.  It may have started as a simple crush, but what has it grown to now?  The end is now closer than the beginning.  Sometimes it's better to say goodbye to the pain and the lies. 

I can't continue down this path of destruction and self hate.  Loving you has taken it's toll, for I have lost control of my relenting soul because our beautiful love is a story that may never be told.  The corner has been turned, and I remember what my smile looks like.  You may find yourself in a dark place, but that won't make you blind...It feels good to have my breath back again.

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