Monday, October 11, 2010

Never stop (Exotic Short)

You lovin my style just like I'm lovin your smile/got you contemplating cuz you aint had my love in a while
Touch the spot I know that you like/take a nibble although you like when I bite
Got you smitten from the stroke of your kitten/never forgetten you diggin me cuz it was written
This is some grown shit, forget the daycare/touch my own shit, you know that I play fair
Tokin you up, smokin you up/we keep it hot girl, you know I love soakin you up
Calming my soul - you move me, always consumes me
Your innocence is precious, continues to rule me
Take my hand, guide it to your cherry blossom/kissin and & lickin til I reach the very bottom
They say I'm a freak, but you see the truth/I'm just a cat that has a strong sweet tooth
So when you feel that urge in the middle of the night/look me up cuz you know I be keepin it tight/keepin it write...

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