Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lend me your ear

Sometimes I sit in this chair and have the craziest thoughts.  The most recent of these thoughts have been about my patience.  It really boggles my mind when I try to put it in perspective.  But the fact of the matter is, it's always been there.  When I was in high school, I was in a program called Teen Institute.  It was a drug and alcohol prevention/peer group.  Now, I know that you see me now and think to yourself "as much as you drink, that's impossible".  But remember, that was high school.  Things are a lot different now.  Anyway, that program taught me many lessons on life that I didn't appreciate until my early adult years.  It helped me realize that when someone needs to talk, you should be there for them.  We were told to never ask, just listen.  Never advise, just listen.  Sometimes, people just want to vent.  They don't really need to hear what you would do, or how you would handle it.  They just need someone to listen to them.  And in order to do that, you need to display patience.  They may not want to talk at the moment that you are there, so you have to be there whenever they need you.  That's what I try to do. 

Something that I find even more strange about this is, if you hung around my crew, you would not see me at the one that does that.  Lemme explain.  I'm gonna break my crew down and you tell me what you think.  Wood - the indecisive "wanna be at the scene" cat that doesn't wanna spend any loot to make it happen.  Cleazy - the intelligent "wanna be thug" that always gets shit for the party that nobody can explain.  CoCo - Mr Get To The Point is a ladies man, if you want that man to tell you exactly what he's gonna do to you if provided the chance.  K.Dot - this is the "ultimate" listener who has so many friends that he actually forgets how he knows them.  Me & Zeek - we are considered the "assholes" of our crew.  Every crew has at least one.  We're notorious for shutting down the entire operation just because we don't like dealing with too many people.  We're the ones that scream, cuz and fuss.  When the ball drops, we don't care who's going for it.  We're gonna get it at all costs.  And if you don't like it, so what!  However, I can tell you right now that when we see someone who needs to vent, we're the first ones to be there.  If we need to make a trip down the road to be there, then we're there.  We don't lend money if you need it.  We give it.  But we do it on the low.  We don't broadcast it.  That's not to say that the rest of the crew doesn't provide, but we're the anchors.  When people see that we don't show up to events, they automatically assume that we're not there because D & Zeek shut it down.  We let it ride cuz we don't care to save face.  But if you need anything, we're there.  No questions asked.

Don't let our bravado make you think that you can't come to us.  We are assholes, but we know how to listen.  We know how to care.  We just do wear it on our sleeves.  We'll listen, free of judgement. 

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