Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Language Of Your Own

Everyone who has any type of relationship with another person has a way of communicating that no one else understands.  Whether it be the language of love, laughter, or sheer ignorance, it's your language.  And one thing about it, it can really aggravate those around you that don't have a clue as to what the hell you are talking about.

I'll give you a few that you may not have a clue about from my dictionary - B.D.BO, up-n-unders, Tex Winter, Rubics Cube, Kevin Mchale, BBS, and Gorilla Pics.  Only a few people have a clue as to what any of those really mean.  However, there is one term that we have used long enough (Oceans) that we've decided to let the pervervial cat out of the bag.  The PF...Pump Fakes.  A Pump Fake is used in basketball to throw your defender off by making them think you're about to shoot the rock, only to blow right by them when you catch them off guard.  A Pump Fake in our terms pretty much means the same thing.  It's our way of calling someone out when they say something that you know is off-the-charts bullshit!  A Pump Fakers is usually in need of attention, which is why they may say or tweet some things just to make you look.  Some of their Pump Fakes make you believe that they're bigger/better than they really are.  Some make you feel sad for them.  But don't feel bad for them.  In some way or another, there is something that sad about them.  They live in a world where they actually believe the crow that they present.  They'll do whatever they can to get you to jump out of position so that they can blow right past you.  When used properly, a Pump Fake can be very effective.  Don't believe me?  Check this out.

I know that this topic is supposed to be "taboo",  but we don't live by that creed.  A few weeks ago, it was discovered that a certain someone (ReinaSong) pulled the ultimate Pump Fake on us.  She had pics up, ran a blog, and even co-hosted some shows with 12Kyle.  But thanks to the investigative reportings of WIM, we found out that this wasn't a real person.  I mean, she was validated by so many people that we bought into it as well.  Now, all the people that called her their friend wants us to shut up & let it blow over.  We will do no such thing.  This is one of the funniest things that I've ever witnessed.  We always said that her voice didn't match the pics that she put up.  But, since she was validated we left it alone.  She Pump Faked the hell out of us!

They're not always easy to spot, but Pump Fakers are all over.  Be weary of them, for they will charm your socks off if you let them.  Or make you feel like they're in need.  Or worse, make you think they're something that they are not.  We know you're out there.  And because of that, we'll keep our feet on the ground and keep our eyes on your torso...had to throw one more out there!


  1. That whole Reina thing was mind blowing. No lie. She had me fooled! She created a whole IDENTITY. You would hope that people would keep it real. But you can be whoever you wanna be on the internet

  2. Ha! I still need to know what "Oceans" means...especially since in 12kyle's chat room you asked the question if I was

    Anyway, I think PF's aka Attention Whores and the ReinaSongs debacle was No need for it to be a taboo topic. It is what it is!

  3. Can't tell you that...I'll be kicked out of the family...LOL