Sunday, August 8, 2010

Til the end of time

I've often heard that friendships come and go.  I don't live by that mantra.  I'm a firm believer that if you're my friend, that's what you'll always be to me.  Just because we have a different view on things doesn't mean that we automatically fall out.  That's what makes us human.  But I'll never turn my back on you.

Like most people, I have a crew that I depend on when my chips are down.  We've been friends for 20 years.  Same cats.  We've been thru a lot together.  And we've always had each others backs.  But outside of my crew, we have developed other relationships with other people that we respect on the same level.  They may not have the same amount of time in, but we still consider them friends.  Which essentially makes them pham.  We trust in them because we've seen something in them that provides us with comfort.  And just like my Ocean's crew, I'll never turn my back on them either.  I may not share the same experiences with them, but I'll support them with all that I am.  And we're the type of cats that don't brag about that.  We just show support and want you to understand that it's genuine. 

My crew can never be replaced in my heart, but that doesn't mean that there's not room in my heart for more friends.  I may not take them as often as I can, but I have taken some new friendships that I have appreciation for.  They may not always know that, but I do.  Sometimes I need an ear to just listen to my rhetoric of nothingness.  Without judgement.  Sometimes it's just good to hear about their experiences, considering I sometimes included them in my poetic ventures.  But most importantly, sometimes I just need them in my life to provide balance in the hour of chaos.  I can only hope that they can accept my flaws, as I accept theirs.  Because when I befriend you, it's til the end of time...


  1. I think this post accurately describes our Ocean crew. You can't put a price tag on cats that have been with you for 20 yrs. You have room in your heart for friends but everybody ain't crew. As long as that's understood, everything is cool!

    Good post

  2. Always trying to spread my wings man...