Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chocolate Covered (Exotic)

Your elegance is astounding.  When in your arms, I feel a sense or urgency to give in to your every desire.  Instead, I hold you closer to me.  My heart beats to a rhythm that only we can enjoy.  And we dance our own little dance.  Inter-twining souls.  You've touched me in ways that I never imagined I could be touched.  And in your eyes, I am right where I want to be.  Lost in you.  Nothing about us is normal, and that's the most beautiful part of our relationship.  We make love without having sex.  Never expected your heart to be caressed and cared for in the manner that I provide.  To the point that it's down right frightening.  But we travel down this path together, and we know that nothing else matters.  In an instant, we convene to the moment that brings us both to our knees.  For I have longed to taste your chocolate skin for what seem like an eternity.  And it's everything that a man can dream of.  You rub and grab my head, just the way I like it.  Deep moans from you only make me want to please you more.  The grip of your thighs tighten, as you have wanted me to taste you as badly as I wanted to oblige.  I take in all that you have to offer, and even beg for what you don't.  You give in to DLuvhall, and nothing pleases me more.  I take a moment to look into your eyes, and you beg me to continue.  Even if I wanted to, there's no way that I would stop now.  I want you to feel the ultimate...which is why I slowly press my lips to yours.  My tongue travels in small but decisive circles as your eyes roll into your head, feeling desire that has only been written about.  Orgasmic eruption, for we have reached our mountaintop of climatic exploits.  I thank you for my chocolate fix, and you simply wink and tell me "anytime" ultimate sweet tooth fix.

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