Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just For The Fuck Of It...

An unnecessary emptiness.  How is it that love can sparkle in your eye, but U can't see the light?
He was just a boy when he hurt you, yet you carry that torch like an Olympic gold medalist.
Must I recompense your sorrows?  Would you allow me the pleasure?
I work on my craft like no other that has laced your presence, I'm grown with this.
Now, if you lookin' for that teenage love then I'll find Slick Rick for ya.  That's the only assistance that I can provide.
I mean, wasn't he the one that hurt you in the first place?
I'm failing all of your "love tests" 'cause you give them like pop quizzes.  But this nigga is a valedictorian 'cause you gave him all the answers.
I don't get it.  "I need a man, not a boy" is all I ever hear youi screamin.
You want me to be your man on the side while you maintain your relationship with your "Boyriend".
You don't want me to love;you just want me to love you.  So when he drags you back into that miserable domain that is his existence, you can easily go back 'cause "We just fuckin' right?  I mean, I love him & he's gonna get his shit 2gether."
I know.  And even though it hurts, I don't put up a fight to stop U.  And I'll tell myself that "I'm not takin' her ass back any more!"  Just when I get U off my mind, you'll find me with a ring.
"Whatcha doin?"  "Writin." "Want some company?" "Sure."
I try to be cool, hard even.  'Cause I'm grown.  And I know that lil' boy has hurt you again.  As soon as U walk through the door, BAM, we go at it.  Now I'm cryin on the outside, and I'm dyin on the inside 'cause I love you.
But you don't want me to love;U just want me to love U.  Now as our bodies intertwine into a savage dance of lust, you scream out with all your heart "OH RON!"
I keep going.  Even though I'm Derrick.  'Cause we're just just fuckin, right?  Boys cry.  Men lie.  So I must finally be leaving that day care center.  Because my lying about my love for U has led to me crying for you love for me that I can never have.
Because you love boys.  And I'm your man........Just for the fuck of it......

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