Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Parallel Lines

If you draw 2 Parallel Lines, they will never intersect.
So what made you think that you would ever cross me?
I don't attand church every Sunday, but what law says that Sunday is the only day I can praise?
Just because I'm not a Bible toting, scripture quoating man, does that make you betta than me?
You see, my relationship with GOD is a personal one.
I praise HIM every wake up call, every breath I breathe, every meal I eat.
What makes you the standard in which my spiritual self can exist?
You mean to tell me you never cheated in school to pass a test?
I'm not condoning this, but HE gave me permission to study on my own time.
I don't speak in the unknown tongue, for HE gave me the gift of english.
But HE speaks back thru my inner-psyche.
Now you ask yourself, "Who is this nigga?"
"I totally misjudged him!"
But who gave you the right to judge me?
We live in a world full of sin, man made sin.
But because you do what you do in the dark & go out of your way to shed light on my life, that makes your relationship with HIM better then mine?
Mortals can't lead you to the Promised Land.
Scratch that, mortals can't lead ME.
I'm not really sure what drives you.
In that cold place that you call your GOOD heart, you're only fooling yourself.
You see, it's not important whether or not I see it, 'cause HE sees all.
So go ahead, tell everyone what you did Sunday at HIS house.
Tell everyone your judgement of me.
For HE made us both of flesh.
Of the same cloth.
So you see, we ARE 2 Parallel Lines that will never cross.

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