Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Take Me There

Take me to church, for I have been sinning
Take me to the track, for I have been winning
Take me to Africa so I can feel the energy
Take me to a Voodoo doctor to see the struggle within me
Take me to N.O. cuz I'm hot like Cajun
Take me to the streets cuz war I be wagin
Take me to jail, for I committed a crime
Take me at face value & miss the sublime
Take me to the runway to show these cats sum style
Take me to see my Grandma cuz I haven't seen her in a while
Take me to school, for I need a lesson
Take me to talk to the youth, for they need this lyrical blessin
Take me to your parents, cuz I'm what you've been missin
Take me to your heart, I'm sure it will listen
Take me for a joke & get knocked the hell out
TAKE ME…That's what I'm talkin bout

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