Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Verbal Intercourse

Touch yourself, ever so gently
I know you've never done this, but I'm a pro
That's why I'm here, to help you
If I do it to you, it'll be way too easy
Momentarily hesitant from my evervesance
Your worse fears become your greatest pleasures as you begin to grind to yourself girl, wind it girl
Why you shivering?  I'm turning the heat up with every tone of my Verbal Intercourse
I thought you liked it hot?  I thought you could drop it like it's hot?
You sweatin' from all the Hypnotiq?
Or is it the Hypnotiq spell I cast in your dreams when your toes curl?
Sweatin' your so called perm out & make you all natural
Your man don't do it like this huh?
Fuck your man slim.
'Cause unlike him, I don't make love for minutes
I make love for days.  To have my fingertips lace your chocolate skin would lead the law to the one that killed you softly.
That's why I want you to do it.
They haven't quite figured out how to trace my voice yet
I'm just like Morpheus.  And you are my Neo, you're the One.  The one to complete my Matrix.
So before we go any further, I need you to take this red pill
Don't worry Ma, it's better then birth control
This is the pill that will birth your soul
My tongue lashing tastes of sweet nectar
To quench your thirst, to purge your----
Wait a minute-------
You hear that?  You hear me cumin'?  You feel it boiling from the bottom?
That was it baby.  Aiight. Take care love.  Talk to you tomorrow.  Bye......

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