Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Behind your heart lies a soul that only you know.  Letting anyone in can be dangerous, but that's the only way you know how to love.  You search for a feeling of desire, only to find heartache.

"Seasons change, people don't!"  That's what you've lived by.  But as the leaves fall & the wind changes, you have a new found happiness.  Silly giggles fill every conversation as you forgot about past pains.  You're remembering love, and all it's wondrous splendor.

Old habits become new discoveries, long days turn into short nights.  You've waited for this moment for what feels like an eternity, now you're dazed by passion.

Her scent fills your every breath.  The warmth of his body caresses you thru the night.  Love is no longer a fear.  Now is it an option.  Your heart has opened up & your soul is dancing.

But there is no music.  Only the pounding of your heart when you hear their voice.  And as you take a deeper look, their soul is dancing with yours.  And at that moment, you remember, Love.....


  1. This was great! The title is so fitting. *snaps fingers*

  2. Dope piece man didn't know u wrote.

  3. @Phoenix - Thanks!
    @Brothers Blog - Yeah, been writing for a few years now. Thanks!